WOTV Idol: Meet the Top 20


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – The WOTV Idol Top 20 has been revealed and it’s time to meet the contestants moving on to the live finale on October 1st at Elevation at the Intersection!

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Corey Hampton Jr. |Kalamazoo

Corey Hampton Jr.

Corey Hampton Jr.

Tyler Roy | Battle Creek

Tyler Roy

Tyler Roy

Lelaina Greve | Grand Rapids

  • Audition song: Bored (original)
  • In her own words: “I am 15 years old. I have loved singing since I was 2 years old. It has been such a huge part of my life since then. I have done countless musicals and talent shows. I am looking forward to this journey!”
  • Click to hear his interview and song.
Lelaina Greve

Lelaina Greve

Matthew Karston | Allendale

  • Audition song: Alive & Well (original)
  • In his own words: “I’m the next American Idol. I’m a world traveler, circus artist, flight attendant and yoga teacher.”
  • Click to hear his audition song
Matthew Karsten

Brooke Angelina | Ludington

  • Audition song: Bottom of the River by Delta Rae
  • In her own words: “I’m 16 and I have loved singing ever since I can remember but in the past year I have wanted to take up singing as a career.”
  • Click to hear her audition
Brooke Angelina

Mary Timmer | Portland

  • Audition song: Too much love will kill you by Queen
  • In her own words: “I am a singer/songwriter, and I can accompany myself on guitar and piano.”
  • Watch her audition
Mary Timmer

Erin Evans | Grand Rapids

  • Audition Song: Put your records on by Corinne Bailey
  • In her own words: “I am 19 years old. I am from grand Rapids Michigan. I stated singing when i was 12. I am now a local recording artist.”
  • Here here audition
Erin Evans

Lindsey Garcia | Lowell

  • Audition song: Say it ain’t so by Weezer
  • In her own words: “This is my 87th time auditioning and I think I can confidently say I’m ready this time.”
  • Watch her audition
Lindsey Garcia

Tessa McQuat | Portage

  • Audition song: One and Only by Adele
  • In her own words: “I made it into top 5 finals in the Delton Idol competition in 2018.”
  • Watch her audition
Tessa McQuat

Lorenzo Hoskin | Kalamazoo

  • Audition song: Anytime by Brian McKnight
  • In his own words: “I’m a very passionate individual, and music is my fuel source!”
  • Listen to his audition
Lorenzo Hoskin

Jesse Cline| Hastings

  • Audition Song: Heart on Fire (original)
  • In his own words: “I have always been drawn to music, and started learning how to play guitar and sing and learned that it was a great stress reliever and way to express myself. I never played much in front of people, but slowly started to love it more and more. I now can’t get enough of it!”
  • Watch his audition
Jesse Cline

Phillip Marion | Kalamazoo

  • Audition song: His Eye Is On The Sparrow by Lauren Hill
  • In his own words: “I am a musically gifted soul who loves to send soothing sound waves to people and make them feel special. I have been singing since I was four years old. Music has always been my passion and I can’t wait to live my life out on stage pleasing those who believe in me and my dream that I will forever pursue for the rest of my life.”
  • Listen to his audition
Phillip Marion

Norvashua Cottingham | Grand Rapids

  • Audition song: Rise up by Andra Day
  • In his own words: “I’m a go-getter, singing and music will forever be my passion and I will be great.”
  • Click to watch his audition
Norvashua Cottingham

Lauren Jahnz | Jenison

  • Audition song: Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
  • In her own words: “I grew up in a musical family. Ever since the American Idol Game on Play Station came out, I began singing the ABC’s to whatever song my mom chose for me. They could not get me off of that game. I am super excited to be here; you never know what could happen!”
  • Click to watch her audition
Lauren Jahnz

Allie Garland | Battle Creek

  • Audition Song: Don’t stop me now by Queen
  • In her own words: “I am a musician and Kalamazoo native. I can play almost any instrument you can name. And I love to play any genre.”
  • Listen to her audition.
Allie Garland

Faith Jones | Kalamazoo

  • Audition song: Change me by Tamela Mann
  • In her own words: ” I was a finalist in WOTV Idol last year and I Love Music!”
  • Listen to her audition
Faith Jones

Curt Johnson | Kalamazoo

  • Audition song: All of me by John Legend
  • In his own words: “I’ve been performing for years in all different settings and I’m back again in the WOTV Idol Top 20!”
  • Watch his audition
Curt Johnson

Lynn Ung | Zeeland

  • Audition song: I have nothing by Whitney Houston
  • In her own words: “I’ve been here previously, in 2016 in my sophomore year of high school.”
  • Watch her audition
Lynn Ung

Dylan Holmes | Nunica

  • Audition song: In case you didn’t know by Brett Young
  • In his own words: “I’ve opened up for Alex Newell from the TV show “Glee”.”
  • Watch his audition
Dylan Holmes

Casey Huls | Hudsonville

  • Audition song: Lay me down by Sam Smith
  • In his own words: “My dream job is Broadway.”
  • Watch his audition
Casey Huls

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