When you create quality content, it’s easy to feel like you need to share it everywhere. Although, that’s not always the most efficent approach… or worth your time! In fact, not all content is suitable for every social media platform.

But how do you decide what to post and where?

When it comes to Facebook, try using it for videos and creative content. These types of post have proven to generate the most engagment over time.

Instagram is more of a visual platform – a “highlight reel” some may say. Therefore, use it for high-res photos, quotes, and stories. 

And finally, Twitter is the quickest way to get the word out or voice your opinion. The best tweets are topical; news-focused; and, of course, relatable gifs.

It all comes down knowing your audience – ask yourself, who’s on this platform? Who’s following me? And, what would they like to see?

When promoting an event or product, I challenge you to create three different posts for each primary platform! Just wait and see the difference!