West Michigan mothers empower disabled through dog biscuits

West Michigan

I had the pleasure of not only baking a sheet of Beer City Dog Biscuits, but also eating one. That’s right, you read it correctly.

I ate a dog biscuit. 

It’s a tradition (or rather an initiation) for anyone new to the kitchen to taste the product. What does this tell you? That this staff has FUN.

Being thrown into the mix, I was abe to listen in on conversations with the Brew Bakers and create relationships of my own. Quickly, I understood how much the experience means to them.

When I left, I felt a great sense of hope. Hope for the company; but more importantly, hope for the disabled.

>>> Watch the video above for an inside look. 

About Beer City Dog Biscuits

In 2018, Suzanne Wilcox and Leslie Hooker formed a nonprofit 501(c)3 on behalf of their adult sons, both of whom have disabilities.

Beer City Dog Biscuits business is tailored to meet the unique abilities of each volunteer and employee to enable them to participate in all aspects of the business. They plan/forecast demand, assemble, bake, label and weigh bags, pack, and process orders. Additionally, employees identify sales opportunities, calculate costs, count cash and credit sales and make bank deposits.

Leadership volunteers assist and guide in the process; each stage is intentionally created to support project-based learning and work skill development that enables employees to learn valuable life skills.

Suzanne and Leslie believe all people, regardless of their abilities, enrich our community. Those with disabilities are essential; without their presence in our workplaces, neighborhoods, and churches, our community is incomplete!

More on the biscuits… 

Each treat is hand-made and packaged with care by their Brew Bakers, a team of disabled adults who are the core of our company’s culture and business process. At BCDB, they strive to help each Brew Baker develop valuable skills throughout every step of the biscuit baking process, from mixing dough to packaging biscuits. With the support of the BCDB community of friends, family, and treat lovers, 100% of donations and sales are re-invested into their mission to support disabled adults in their personal and professional growth.

Their treats are made from nonalcoholic spent beer grains, proudly sourced from Grand Rapids’ own Founders Brewing Company.

How YOU can help…

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, BCDB depends entirely on the support of individuals and companies to help carry out their mission.

Your generosity will help fund each package, in everything from biscuit ingredients to the ovens they use. Your donations allows them to provide their Brew Bakers with tasks that go into making our product, helping them grow professionally and individually in every stage of the cooking process.

Together, we can create a more inclusive community in which everyone can flourish.

Get involved/donate: https://www.beercitydogbiscuits.org/support-the-cause

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