She said, “yes!” Emily Linnert’s journey to becoming a Road Warrior

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We are so proud of our girl and co-worker, Emily Linnert.  You see her smiing face every day at noon, 5pm and 6pm on 24 Hour News 8.  We see her around the office and love her positive energy, big laugh and contagious smile.  We couldn’t be more proud she said “yes” and didn’t let fear hold her back.  

Read on to find out how Emily’s Road Warrior journey is beginning!

The email I couldn’t delete

“Hi All, The River Bank Run is looking for some on-air types from WOOD TV to join their Road Warriors.  You’d have the opportunity to train for the 25k, 10k or 5k with coaches while representing the event to the public. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll put you in contact with the Race Director. -Kevin”


The email from our station Production Manager, Kevin, came in early February just a week after the Polar Vortex had ascended upon West Michigan. A cold so severe you didn’t even want to walk outside, much less run outside. And I know as a West Michigan native there was plenty more winter to come. 


So why didn’t I just delete that email? And why did I keep thinking about it?


Every spring I get what I call “Running FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out” on the hype and celebration surrounding the two big runs that happen in downtown Grand Rapids–the Gazelle Girl and the River Bank Run. Over the years I’d take advantage of  WOODTV/WOTV’s partnerships with the races and sign up-registration fee waived. I’d think “I can do it…I’ve run a 5K before.” But then race weekend would come and I’d get nervous, anxious and full of regret. And I’d run as fast as I can, hating every step, just to get to the finish line so it would be over.


That email was still hanging in my inbox.

I responded: “Hi Kevin, I’m cautiously curious about this…..-Emily”


Kevin encouraged me to talk to some of my colleagues who had joined the Road Warriors in the past. They told me about the time commitment and the challenge. They also said, “Emily, you’ll love it.”


So why didn’t I just delete that email from our production manager? I guess I want to enjoy my FOMO this spring and I need a big push to do that.

So I responded to that email this way:

“Kevin, Ok. I’ll do it. I’m scared and nervous but I’ll do it! -Emily”  

So, it’s official. I joined the Road Warriors! Working mother of two, add it to the list!  I’m going to feed off these inspirational women for the next two months and see what we can do May 11th. 


You can follow Emily on Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram here! 


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