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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)   Okay you guys. Does anyone else get a little worried about leaving their personal belongings in a haphazard cubby at the gym? You know. You’re doing that checking thing from the treadmill – keeping a close eye on your stuff, so if anyone tries any funny business you could pounce in an instant? Same. I’m with you.

And let’s be honest. If you saw me, you’d realize this hypothetical gym fight would not go in my favor.

That’s why getting introduced to Kat and Locker Lifestyle is BIG NEWS, people. This bossin’ babe has created “wearable lockers” for worry-free activity – and they’re so cute! Bonus, right?


Meet Kat – owner and founder of Locker Lifestyle

Kat is a current student at Grand Valley State University (go Lakers!), where she plays tennis on scholarship. She originally planned on majoring in nursing, but once Locker Lifestyle was born, she knew she had to follow her gut and change her major to Entrepreneurship.“It all started February of 2016. Kat, being a very active student athlete, decided she was sick of bringing her entire wallet to the gym when all she needed was her student ID to get in/out. Lockers didn’t lock, cubbies were open for anyone to steal belongings, and she didn’t need everything she always ended up bringing!After countless hours of searching for the perfect product with no success, she decided to do something about it, especially since running belts are bulky, unfashionable, and restricting.Fortunately Kat’s “Momager” had a successful bridal store with a very talented seamstress. Kat drew up the designs, specifics, and worked with her to see if what she was thinking up was even possible. After many revisions, her very first product, the Wrist Locker, was born! Whenever she wore the test market prototype, everyone around her would ask where they could get one. She then realized she was not the only person with this problem. After countless hours of tweaking and trials, Kat learned how to sew for herself. Locker Lifestyle started out small, selling on Etsy, at local festivals, and gyms. Before she knew it, Kat sold hundreds of Wrist Lockers, and placed FIRST in 3/3 entrepreneurship competitions she entered.”


Locker Lifestyle is on a mission to help lovers of fitness, travel, and concerts enjoy their active life without having to worry about your belongings.

I personally appreciate these products, because I might just be the most forgetful person on the face of the planet. I mean, I’m going to be real with you all, I lose things – important things – on the daily.

I know Locker Lifestyle will help me get my life together, and I think it will help you too.

Here’s what’s on the table: Little Lockers, Wrist Lockers, and Head Lockers.

Little Locker

This little wristband is small but mighty. The fit is a one-size fits most, and can be adjusted to any length of the wrist, belt-loop or on your shoelaces! Stash cash, keys, golf tees, a fitness tracker & more. Although the Little Locker is 1/3 the size of the Wrist Locker, it will expand to 3 times its actual size with its patent-pending technology.Wrist Locker

Wrist Lockers are meant to fit snugly, so your belongings do not shift when you move. They come in 3 sizes:

  • Small: (most popular female size) ideal for 6.5″ wrist; holds a flip phone, iPod, or iPhone 4s
  • Medium: #1 selling size; fits an average female or male wrist; can hold a flip phone, iPod, iPhone 6s or smaller
  • Large: #2 selling size; for 7.5-8″ wrists; can hold an iPhone 7+, any size Android or smaller (with a thin case on)

Head Locker

The Head Locker is not your typical headband! It’s equipped with a pocket, secured by Velcro worn at the base of your head to fit cash, keys, lip balm, running gels, and more.


Follow Kat along on this journey! For specials, new color releases, and more you can find Locker Lifestyle on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I love the picture below, taken at Irish on Ionia, because it really exemplifies all the ways your “locker” can be used. I was actually at this event myself, and had no desire to bring a purse. Who wants that thing swinging around as you dance? And then there’s the finding your wallet portion of the day when you get to the front of the line, and you’re pissing off all the people behind you. We’ve all been there. I did this while trying to buy a donut at Meijer just yesterday.

Anyways, I’m on a tangent.

Owning a personal “locker” would have saved me time and not gotten in the way of any of my killer dance moves. And that right there, is important to me.

These products are not exclusive to the gym. Anytime you’d like to simplify your “carry-ons”, Locker Lifestyle is there for you.

I’m sure right now you’re thinking the same thing as me, and that’s “you go girl”. It is SO COOL to see young women in our community kicking butt and taking names.

Kat, keep doing YOU. Your work ethic is inspiring, and your product is unbeatable.

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