Yoga trick: try a “Head Hammock” to relieve stress


Everyone seems to be wanting some extra love in the neck and shoulder area. People often tend to carry their stress and tension around this area and over time can manifest as headaches and even effect your mood. 

This is a great restorative posture that I like to use when things get uncomfortable for me.

All you need is a Yoga strap, if you don’t have one you can use any non-stretch fabric otherwise like old mens neck ties.  (not that you take these from older men, but ties no one is using anymore). 

Lay down on your back and place one foot into the loop of the strap and place the strap around the back of your skull just above the ears. The head will be suspended off the ground supported by the flexibility of the leg.  Relax this way for several minutes and then switch to the other leg. 

After you are done just lay flat for a bit and notice the release around the neck and shoulders. 

You can do this as often as you like, anytime you feel the need or some productive down time. 

Come see me at OMG!Yoga in Rockford and we can explore more ways to create balance and ease in your life through the practice of Yoga.

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