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School is almost out, the weather is feeling fine and people have travel on their minds.  I love to travel and I sometimes hate to travel as the journey itself can sometimes be stressful.  However as a frequent traveller I have learned some great tips over the years of what I need to have with me to feel comfortable and content no matter what bumps the road might hold.

Airplane travel, car travel, whatever it is you will benefit greatly from being organized and prepared.  So step one is of course a great travel bag.  Pockets are key here and the right pocket for the right items will keep you organized and everything that you might want easily available when needed.  

Hygiene – I like to feel like the space around me is clean, fresh and I can feel clean and fresh in that space.  I keep a small bag with toiletries; compact travel toothbrush by GUM – folds up into itself so no need to brush cover.  Travel toothpaste, I like Auromere ravel size Mint.  Facial cleaning wipes.  I buy facial that way I know for sure they are fine for more sensitive facial skin but I can also use to clean hands and body if needed.  Face mister, I make my own and there are some great DIY recipes I have previously shared on wotv4women.com but you can also buy travel size rosewater or Avian.  I like the rosewater blend that I make because as I mentioned earlier when things get a little stale smelling in the airplane, I can spritz my dry skin and also enhance the atmosphere around me as well.  After I have cleaned and misted my face or hands I like to use a travel moisturizer,  My favorites are from Dirty Girl Farm as they are organic and cruelty free also mostly come in 2 ounce packing so allowable to fly with.  Don’t forget a lip balm!  Not everyone is going to jump on this but still, gotta share it – I carry a travel Neti pot and small container of sea salt with me.  When I have to sit inside a big metal tube with a hundred or so people all breathing the same recycled air, I like to give my sinus passages a rinse at the first available opportunity.  Hence I never get sick from flying.  Enough said!

A few obvious things such as sleep mask, ear plugs and of course a GREAT travel pillow. The hands down favorite here is the J Pillow.  This pillow even won an award for British Invention of the year.  It is not your standard travel pillow as it has a little pillow “hook” for chin support so your head and neck are supported in such a way that your head does not fall forward leaving you to wake with a neck ache.  Comes in a cute little travel bag and fits easily into my carry on but also has a strap so that you could keep it external and clip to your travel bag handle.  

Food and water!  Key things here and especially since we enjoy a plant based diet I prefer to bring my own things to eat and NOT rely on or wait for what the airline has provided.  I pack small bags of raw nuts, dried fruits, Kind bars, and maybe something else crunchy and savory like pretzels or dried pea pods.  I bring an empty thermos and about (seriously) 10-15 tea bags for various needs, sleepy time tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, tulsi tea, etc.  I can simply ask the flight attendant to fill it with hot water and I am good to go. Also great for airport layovers.  Sometimes you might even score a lemon wedge and be able to drink hot water and lemon. Mmmm!

Lastly dress smart!  If you know you will have to go through security check and remove shoes belts etc, make it easy on yourself by not having this be too complicated.  Dress in layers with light non wrinkle fabrics that you can move comfortably in.  My favorite pants for the plane are lululemon “on the fly” pants.  These look smart and wear well while keeping you comfortable as they are appropriately stretchy.  When you wake from sitting in a seat for 10 hours and have to walk around in public you will not look like a rumpled mess.   If you do look a mess, throw a cute hat in your bag so you can pop it on after the flight until you can make it to a proper shower. 

When you are ready for (almost) anything when traveling, you will be happy knowing you are prepared with the right things for any circumstance.

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