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This time of year everyone is watching our for cold and flu signs.  I always find it best to be preventative in nature so it is good to treat yourself well by eating well and getting enough quality sleep.  But still, you might find yourself unable to avoid illness.  I prefer to turn to natural products to maintain health.  These products generally have no side effects and can be used to avoid sickness or at least shorten the duration of it.

First- lets AVOID getting sick. If I even start to feel a little inkling of something coming on I am turning to tea.  Oil of Oregano by Herb Pharm is natures strongest antibiotic and a few cups of this as a tea will help you to prevent a cold from even happening.  You can pick up this tincture at Harvest Health and I have also seen this at Vital Nutrition in Rockford. 

Also to avoid sickness I might make a cup of ginger tea or take a ginger shot like GingerRx.  These ginger shots are all natural and contain organic ingredients.  You can drink the shot as is or I like to mix it with a cup of warm to hot water.  Yummy and good for you while helping to kick that cold to the curb.

Penn Herb Company has some products that are helpful for sinus issues.  I like Olbas inhaler and essential oil. The inhaler lasts about 30 days once open and can be used several times a day to help clear things up sinus wise.  Bonus that the inhaler will also provide you with an energized boost if your head is feeling heavy.  You can also try the oil instead,  I like to put a couple drops in boiled water and then drape a towel over my head to make a little vaporizer steam tent.  This provide great fast and natural relief from a variety of discomforts.

Lastly, when a sore throat does take hold gargle!  Make a throat rinse with equal parts turmeric and sea salt (1 tsp each) mixed into ½ cup warm to hot water.  Sip, gargle, spit repeat until gone and then avoid drinking or eating for about 30 minutes after.  You can do this also several times a day to ease throat pain fast. 

Recap- AVOID illness by eating, sleeping and exercising in a balanced way appropriate for YOU.  If you do get sick, take this as a message from your body to try to take even better care of yourself and try some of my natural wellness tips listed. 

Be well, stay well.  XO~ Michele

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