Massage your back with spinal rolls

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Springtime is the time of renewal and growth. Time to get things moving!  An easy way to enliven your day is to perform spinal rolls.

Start seated and tuck knees into your chest, feet on or off the floor. Make sure the space around you is clear of obstacles.

Take your hands behind the thighs. Roll the shoulders back, tuck the chin in towards the chest and keep the spine tall. Now let your weight roll you to the ground and use your strength and momentum to bring you back up to sitting. At first you may need to let your feet touch the ground here but over time to you will build the strength and agility to roll back and return to balance on your seat without toes touching ground. Roll back and forth this way several times massaging the muscles that support the length of your spine.  As you practice try to coordinate your breath with your movements so that so inhale as you roll back and exhale as you return up.

When you feel complete stop and pause in a mindful seat for a few moments to savor the effects.

Benefits of spinal rolls include – Massages the back body, builds abdominal strength and coordination.

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