Let’s twist! Easy and effective yoga move to try at home


Let’s Twist Again!

Here is an easy and effective little twist or twisting motion to rejuvenate your spine and provide a gentle stretch to your hips all in one go!

Start lying on your back, both knees bent and move your feet pretty wide apart, like shoulder width or slightly greater.

Extend your arms out a little way away from your body, and then take a deep breath in.  When you exhale the breath out, just let your knees fall to one side.  This will bring a slight arch to your lower back and also lift one hip away from the ground.  Each time your breath in return knees to center and when you breath out let them fall again to the opposite side. 

In my class I call this windshield wiper knees because everyone seems to “get” that.  It could be called Supine Bharadvajasana if we were all trying to learn Sanskrit. 

You can continue to do this as a rocking motion or you can rock a while and then take a static hold on both sides.  If the stretch of the knees falling to one side is not enough for you, you can place the foot of the leg that is on whatever side you have rotated towards, on top of your other knee.  You can also extend that same side arm alongside and reaching beyond your head. 

Hop down on the ground and give this one a try, it feels delightful. 

Come see me or any of the fabulous teachers at OMG!Yoga for more tips and tricks to keep your body supple and your mind clear and calm. 

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