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No time for a Yoga class?  No problem.  You can actually get all the benefits of a Yoga practice by just carving out 25 minutes a day. 

Recent studies have shown that even a short practice focusing on the poses, mindfulness and breathing can improve brain function, increase overall energy, improve your mood and your physical health.  You will experience “positive carryover effects” after each session. 

Pick just a few of your favorite postures or just a few sun salutations. The whole point is simply to let go of thinking thoughts and instead turn your attention to your body and your breath. 

The benefits of Yoga are numerous and life enhancing. All it takes is a small investment of time from YOU. 

Here is a short sequence that you can try at home.  Try some of it or all of it.  Give it a few days to see if you notice a difference in your body and your mood!

At-home sequence:

  1. Start seated.  Breath in and raise arms over head, breath out and lower.
  2. Repeat 3-5 times.
  3. Turn torso to the right, left hand on right knee looking over right shoulder.  Hold for 5 breaths and then left side.
  4. Stretch both legs forward towards straight, keep knees soft.  Inhale arms up and exhale fold over legs.  Repeat 3-5 times then try holding for 5 breaths.
  5. Come up to hands and knees to arch and flex spine using one breath per direction.  Repeat 5-7 times.
  6. Turn shoulders and hips to right and then left side making a C with your spine.  Repeat 5-7 times.
  7. Crawling in place reach out right arm and left leg then left arm and right leg.  Use one breath per extension.  Repeat 5-7 times each side.
  8. Take hips back to heels with arms reaching forward and rest in child’s pose.  Hold for 5-7 slow breaths.
  9. Return to hands and knees and then to standing.  Inhale arms up overhead and then exhale folding forward.  Inhale return to arms over head and then exhale lower arms to your sides.  Repeat 5-7 times and then have a fabulous day!

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