Hiking essentials: Wellness Expert, Michele Fife reveals what’s in her adventure pack

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We love to spend the majority of our time outside when the warmer weather arrives. Often we might make a quick decision to head someplace with our dog and have a hike in the woods.  We are blessed with an abundance of hiking and walking trails in our great state, check here if you are in need of some inspiration – Hike Michigan.

To keep things ready to roll and for the sake of preparedness, I keep a day pack full of all of my summer essentials.  I used to run around organizing everything to go and always there would be something that I forgot and we wanted/needed.  Now all I do is grab the pack and head for the door.  

Step 1 – get yourself a nice day pack that can be exclusive to purpose. Lots of pockets are a must, lightweight and stylish are a bonus.

Whats Inside? 

Travel tissues and Face wipes.  Good to have, remember to never leave anything more than your footprints where ever you go!

Sunblock – Just in case, always a good idea, I like something organic, non-toxic and cruelty free.  Alba Organics has a great waterproof 30 SPF we like.

Dog Bowl on carabiner – Dog gets thirsty.  I have a cute BPA free collapsible bowl for him.  After he drinks, I have it on a carabiner so I can hang it on my pack until it is dry.

Insect repellent and after bite care – I make my own with both of these.  Here are the recipes for both of these and I promise they actually work!  Bug OFF, After Bite Care. We also carry a small spray bottle with a little water and lemon eucalyptus oil to spritz around the dog if the bugs are bad.

Portable water filter.  We generally start off with a water bottle but I don’t want to carry a lot of water because then my pack is heavy.  So i love this little gizmo of a water filter.  We can use at at any water source we find and enjoy cleanse, filtered water fast.  This one is small, light weight and very easy to use.  Its BPA free and also is great to take on trips places we think the water might be “iffy”.  The Grommet has this and more cool stuff for gadget heads.

Sportwax.  Nothing can wreck a good hike faster than blisters.  Keep a travel size sportwax stick in your bag, its easy to apply and lasts a long time.  I think we have had the same stick for a couple of years. If you even SUSPECT you might be getting a blister, just put it on.  

Okay now you know whats in MY bag.  What are your essentials?

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