3 yoga stretches to help relieve sciatica


Sciatica is literally a pain in your butt.  However, this pain can also radiate down your leg all the way to your heel or foot. People suffering with this condition often have their poor-quality sleep due to the pain.  Sciatica can originate from a variety of causes and a variety of reasons.  Often the problem is connected to or contributed by the lower back and hip area.

Stretches that externally rotate the hip are the most helpful.  I am going to share 3 with you today that can be done from the seat of a chair.

  1.  Seated pigeon. Cross effected leg ankle above opposite leg knee making a figure four shape.  Maintain flexion of both feet as you arch your spine forward and then ease your chest down towards your shin. 
  2. Lift that same leg knee up slightly towards your chest and then rotate (twist) your torso towards the bent knee while drawing the knee towards your opposite shoulder.
  3. Slide all of the way to the forward edge of your seat and stretch your leg out to straight now keeping opposite leg knee bent.  Arch the spine forward and lean out over extended leg until you feel a stretch down the back of the leg. 

You can repeat on both sides as a nice Yoga break from your day!

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