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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It’s important to understand the ins and outs of assisted living. At Samaritas, we refer to assisted living as Catered Living. Catered Living is assistance with resident’s daily lives when they need increased support.

Catered Living is designed to give you and your loved one a sense of security. As an assisted-living based program, your loved one will have 24/7 care to keep them safe.

How do you know when you or a loved one is ready for assisted living? Here are four signs:

Home Safety Concerns

Is your senior family member unsafe in their current home? Are they letting things go? For example: clutter, piles of laundry, expired food, dying plants and neglecting cleaning tasks are all signs that your loved one’s workload may be too much for them. Assisted living helps with these issues.

Personal Care Needs

Is your loved one neglecting to care for himself/herself? These signs can range from appearing unkempt to not bathing. Are they wearing clean clothes? They may need help in areas of personal care and assisted living can help them get back on track.

Healthcare Needs

Are your loved one’s healthcare needs increasing? Assisted living communities are designed to help residents manage healthcare needs while also maintaining independence. Assisted living can simply remind a resident to take medication or dig deeper into healthcare needs.

Loneliness and Depression

As we age we find it harder to keep up with social activities. If someone is withdrawing from friends and showing indifference to hobbies it is important to take action. You don’t want your loved one feeling isolated, depressed or lonely. Assisted living communities provide convenient socialization for residents. Samaritas Senior Living allows seniors to age in place. If you or your loved one is ready for more assistance and would like more information on Catered Living please call (616) 284-5752 or email

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