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The importance of a home inspection

GRAND RAPIDS, MIch. (WOOD) - After your offer is accepted on a property, there is typically a short window of time to get your home inspections completed. It’s important to schedule an inspection with a qualified inspector so that they can sniff out problems you didn’t notice. They also prepare you for upcoming repairs and the report will have findings may be used as a bargaining chip.

Your inspector will spend 2-3 hours inspecting the roof, checking the foundation, looking for mold, go in the attic, and much more.  I always recommend joining the last hr of the inspections to ask the inspector questions and he or she can point out any concerns that they may have. I’d love to help you get in contact with a great home inspector.

ALSO, Don’t get this confused with an appraisal (which determines value), this inspection is technically NOT required by a lender and is simply for your information only and paid for by you to understand more about your future investment.

Major Homes would be honored to help you get in contact with a great home inspector. These are just a few of many tips Major Homes has for you about buying.

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