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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Purchasing a new home is an experience that many home buyers look forward to! Although it is an exciting time, there are important steps that buyers should take to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The first thing that home buyers such consider is hiring a buyer’s agent. Here’s why:

1. A buyer’s agent will save you time and money

House hunting can become extremely time consuming. Instead of wasting long hours looking at houses that may not work for you, a home buyer’s agent can assist you with choosing houses that fit your budget, wants and needs.

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2. A buyer’s agent keeps your best interest at heart

Home buyer’s agents specialize in building successful relationships with buyers and ensuring that they can smoothly navigate the home buying stages. When looking for a new living space, agents can set up home showings and explain the pros and cons of each house that is visited.

3. Home Buyer’s Agents can eliminate stress and difficulty

Contacting a listing agent is not the best way to buy a house. Listing agents are contracted to work for the seller and not the buyer. Instead, home buyers should opt to contact a buyer’s agent. Doing so can eliminate stress because buyer’s will have a professional in their court, and an extra set of eyes as they walk through different properties.

4. Home buyer’s agents are basically FREE!

Home buyers are here to help you purchase the home of your dreams for FREE! There are only a few circumstances in which buyer’s agents are paid which is typically during the closing process.

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