Moving with Pets: Make the transition easy in 3 steps

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- If moving into a new place can be stressful for adults, imagine how the process can be for your pets!

Make the transition easier for yourself and animals in 3 simple ways!

  1. Get your pet used to being put in a crate or carrier
A woman is transporting a cat in a special plastic cage or carrying bag to a veterinary clinic

When moving in vehicles, it’s easy for pets to feel uncomfortable. Keep your pet relaxed and calm during your journey by placing them in a suitable crate or carrier. For extra added protection, be sure to secure your pets and crates in your vehicle by using a seatbelt.

In addition, it’s best to keep your pets in crates or carriers when moving in order to keep them safe. When moving to new neighborhoods, it’s easy for animals to get lost if they’re set free or wander alone.

2. Talk to your veterinarian about anxiety medication for travel time

If you plan on moving out of the area, be sure to contact your veterinarian. Transitioning into new environments can cause anxiety, fear, and even depression! Your pet’s veterinarian will be able to prescribe medication to soothe your animals. Also, your veterinarian will be able to recommend another vet that’s closer to your new neighborhood!

3. Create a safe space for your pet to explore before setting them free in your new home!

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Before moving your pet into your new place, make them feel at home! Create a safe space for them to get settled in by limiting them to a small area of the home. Decorate the room with their favorite toys and treats to get them acclimated. Then when they’re adjusted, let them roam and explore the entire place on their own!

Happy moving! For more real estate tips, visit Lisa Coe Realty!

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