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Is your New Year's Resolution to buy a home?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) - This time of the year we think about what the future year holds and what we want to accomplish. Is buying a home in your forecast? Tax return season is near and that can be a great source of funds for a down payment or part of one. Many buyers find this very helpful. 

Please keep in mind it typically takes about a month (+/-) to search for a home depending on your needs and wants. Another month to close on a property and then potentially a few days to a month to get possession of your new home. 

This is something we discuss when we talk about your first steps in the home buying process. The following is a great visual of the process that we review as well!

The home buying process

Major Homes would be honored to discuss buying a home with you today and when is a good time for you to buy. 

Call (616-430-0807) or Email Major Homes with any questions.

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