How do I find lot lines in Michigan?

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Are you looking to sell a home this winter? While it isn’t impossible, several weather conditions in Michigan may make viewing residential properties difficult for home buyers!

One of many questions that home buyers ask is, “where are the lot lines?”

During the colder months, Michigan becomes a winter wonderland! Large clumps of snow make its way to the ground-covering cars, streets, and properties!

If you want to increase your chances of getting your home off the market, make sure your lot lines are clear!

Here are easy ways to get the job done:

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1. Mark the corners of your property with stakes or bright colored ribbons.

Utilizing these materials will ensure that the full perimeter of your listed property is noticeable to buyers

2. Clear out piles of snow by shoveling your driveway, patio, and/or sidewalk.

3. Keep the interior of your homes clean by purchasing door rugs.

Keeping the interior of your property spotless is a crucial step to getting it sold! Limit the chances of snow and dirt tracking into your home by placing rugs in front of all entry ways.

Lisa Coe Realty wants to help homeowners sell their properties and home buyers purchase the space of their dreams! With these useful lot line tips, homes will be sold in no time!

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