Surviving the drive: top tips for car travel with kids


Driving in the car with my kids drives me nuts.  Plain and simple.  One talks the whole time (constantly), the other one wants to dominate the playlist, they fight constantly and someone always drops something that I simply can’t reach.   

On long trips my husband and I are usually ready to lose it by the time we reach our destination.  One time it was so bad that on the way home we stuck a piece of cardboard between their car seats so they couldn’t see or touch each other.  It was glorious. I should create a prototype and make millions on Shark Tank.

With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of trips to Grandma’s house or relatives that live further away.  I’ve come up with some ideas that I think will hopefully make your holiday kid travel a little easier! Enjoy!

Create a backpack

This is my new go-to way to travel.  Each kid gets their own backpack stuffed with all sorts of things to keep them happy, busy, entertained and hopefully quiet.  I wait to bring out the bag once we’re in the car.  If they see it first then crying, whining and insisting they MUST open it ensues.  So I wait and you should too.

Hit up the dollar store to load up on cheap goodies. Here’s what to include:

-Coloring kits

-Snacks in portable containers (can’t have enough snacks)

-Sippy cup of water

-small toys

-new books

-magnetic games

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

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