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Back to school can become a blur for parents!  Don’t let the first day of school pass you by without snapping a few cute pictures!  I love this idea of creating a back to school photo board because you’re capturing so much more than a snapshot of your child.  You’ll love looking back and seeing how much they’ve grown, remembering what they loved and seeing how their interests change year to year.

This project is easy to make.  I created mine in about an hour after my kids went to bed.  Check out the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to recreate this project for your child’s first day of school.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

-White poster board

-Black foam core board


-Glue stick


-Tape measure

-White crayon


Step 2: Place your white poster board on your black foam core board and measure in approx. 2 inches to create a “frame effect”.  Cut your white poster board to fit.


Step 3: Glue your white poster board to the black foam core making sure its centered. Re-measure if necessary.


Step 4: Use a white crayon and tape measure to start to create outlines of the boxes.  Make sure your boxes are large enough that you can read the wording from far away.  Using a white crayon on the white poster board will allow you to see the lines but will also allow you to make a change if needed.


Step 5: Using a black sharpie re-trace your white crayon lines to define your boxes.

Step 6: Use little scraps of paper to determine what you’ll write in each box.

Step 7: Use your black sharpie to write your wording. Then use poster markers (shows up brighter) color in your wording to make your poster pop.


Step 8: Have your child pose with their poster on the first day of school with their picture perfect photo prop!

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