Parents give advice on how to juggle work and sick kids


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Cold and flu season has already hit West Michigan and for many families the sick day struggle has already begun.  You know what we mean.  Those days where you have a big meeting and your child wakes up feverish at 2 a.m.  You pray that some Tylenol will do the trick until you hear the classic, “My tummy hurts,” and the vomiting begins!  Yuck.

We’ve all been there!  So what’s a parent to do?  You want to super mom and do it all, but your overwhelming list of responsibilities at the office are consuming your thoughts at 3 a.m.

We asked some West Michigan parents their best advice on dealing with sick kids.  How do you balance it all?  What are your secret mom tricks to get kids feeling better without infecting the entire house?  Read on to see what real West Michigan parents have to say.

Parenting Advice:

Rebecca from Grand Rapids: Always wash hands before eating anything. Make it a habit and they’ll start to do it on their own. As for balancing work and sick kids – my husband and I have a system. We label days level 5 if they are a can’t-miss day at work. We try not to schedule a level 5 on the same day. If someone has a level 5, the other covers if a child is sick and needs to stay home. It helps us feel prepared and like we know what to do if a big day is coming.

Sarah from Greenville: Teach your child to wash hands, and cough into their shoulder. I use family as my back up when my kids are sick and unable to go to daycare. I keep Motrin & Tylenol & vapor rub on hand.

Allison from Rockford: Sanitize door knobs and furniture, use essential oils, chill stays in their own room, Brats diet, Kleenex.  As far as balancing my husband has flexibility to take day off when I am at a shoot, I have three best friends that can pick them up and take them to my house.

Dee from Greenville: Popsicles are great when I need to get fluids in them. My boys will munch on popsicles even when I can’t get them to drink anything else. (Some people make Pedialite popsicles but my kids didn’t go for that). Also, stock up on all the cold meds now, don’t wait until the cold hits. Sounds simple but it saves a lot of drama and late-night trips to Meijer.

Carly from Grand Rapids: When it comes to juggling I always make sure to bring my laptop home, because kids can get sick so quickly! This way I’m prepared to work from home if needed. On that same note, I like to be prepared when sickness strikes.  I always have Tylenol in the cupboard, along with Pedialyte and Vicks Vapor rub.  If the kids have a cough, we always run a humidifier at night, rub them with Vicks, and make sure they are sleeping propped up.  I also always go to bed early because I know we’ll probably be up in the night.

Melissa– Lots of warming/grounding foods: real butter/ghee, baked chicken, roasts, broth, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, squashes, ginger, turmeric, and avoid sugar – its feeds cold and flu bugs. Use essential oils in vaporizers/diffusers such as thieves (antibacterial) and peppermint oil (helps open us sinuses). Boost those beneficial gut bacteria with probiotics, lots of water with lemons and plenty of rest.

Cora- I always keep medicine, etc. stocked for when the flu season comes in. As soon as it hits, they are medicated, relaxing, and I am cleaning the whole house with Lysol. Since I am a SAHM, work isn’t an issue when they need to stay to home. However, when I was working outside of the home, I would rely on family to help with the children.

What’s your best advice?  Leave it in the comments below or email and let us know.  We’ll add it to our article!

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