Mom’s must have’s for cold and flu season


This cold and flu season has struck our family more than once this season.  Many co-workers with small kids have also been tackling lots of germs so it’s been the talk of the office.  I always give the same advice… BE PREPARED!

I have some keys items I always stock up on during cold and flu season because the number one thing I’ve learned is that sickness never strikes when it’s convinent.  My kids mostly spike a fever in the middle of the night.  Here’s my go-to list for all parents.


-Kids/Infant Tylenol and Motrin  (I recommend both because sometime you need to rotate!  I also keep multiple flavors because my son like cherry and my daughter will only do bubblegum).

-A “working” digital thermometer.  There is nothing worse than a thermometer that doesn’t work! 



-Extra facial tissues for running noses.

-Canned soup.


These items may seem basic, but trust me, if you don’t have these items when your child starts coming down with a bug you’ll have to make a run to the store and it isn’t always practical.  

Remember, rest, fluids and snuggles are always the key to kids healing.  When in doubt get your kids an appointment at the doctor, urgent care, children’s ER or even do a skype visit with a doctor through your insurance provider’s app.  This new service is easy and helpful and pretty reasonable.

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