Mom’s advice: screen time solution for summer break


Screen time.   One of those dreaded phrases of 2019.  As a parent to two young kids I have a love/hate relationship with them and their ipads.  There are moments where I’m like, “Hey go do your ipad and leave me alone for 5 minutes.”  It’s often when I can’t take another minute of hearing them fight or whine.  There are other times when i say, “you’re still on your ipad?!” and angrily snatch it away.  It very difficult to find balance these days for ourselves and our kids.

As I was preparing topic for my summer tips I knew I had to search for something on this topic.  While none of us parents are perfect and not every idea works for everyone I thought this handy chart from Pinterest was pretty cool.  You can download your own copy here.


This summer we’re implementing chores, remembering the golden rule and trying to find balance.  What about you?  What are your summer goals with your children?  How do you manage screen time?  I’d love to include your tips and advice.   

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