Advice for new moms: How to survive maternity leave


If you’re expecting your first child you probably don’t know what to expect!   Those first few weeks of maternity leave are a whirlwind of diapers, feeding, sleepless nights and lots of cuddles.   It can be a tough transition for new parents trying to navigate the unknown waters of caring for newborn.  We asked moms who have been there and done that their best advice!

Moms give maternity leave advice

“You may not get a chance to drink your coffee while hot each day, but TRY to take the time each day to take a hot shower! Those few minutes of “me time” is like hitting the reset button. Tonya-Ann Arbor MI”

“ACCEPT HELP! with raging hormones, no sleep and the typical demands of a child YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL and don’t beat yourself up. Prioritize – accept the fact you and your partner will be pulling clean clothes out of the basket for a few days. If someone offers ANY help, take it. HUG YOURSELF. Let others hug you. You’re not a horrible mother if you bottle feed. You’re not a horrible mother if you breast and bottle feed. Nannette – Highland Park”

 “The fact that you worry about being a good mom means you already are one!
Stephanie, New Lothrop”

“It’s ok to have a moment where you think, “What did we do?!  I want my old life back”.  It’s a big life change to have a little human relying on you for everything.  It’s ok to have a moment like this.  You are not a bad person or a bad mom.  Rely on your spouse, your family and your girlfriends when you feel overwhelmed. Talk about your feelings, you’ll be surprised how many women will relate!  It helps to get it off your chest. -Carly, Grand Rapids” 

“Don’t forget about yourself! Take a hot shower…baby will be fine in her crib for a few minutes, eat well, go get that pedicure when baby is with dad or grandma, take a walk, read a book, do whatever makes you feel like you. No guilt! Victoria-Commerce Twp, MI “

“Don’t feel bad if you need to place baby in a safe space and walk away for a few minutes during a crying spell! Your sanity is just as important ♥️
Keyandra- Ypsilanti, MI “

“Talk to your friends and family daily. Newborns are so much work and we all need support from other woman that know us well and have been through childbirth. Don’t shut everyone out like I did because I was too stubborn to admit I needed support! Get out as often as you can. Sarah, MI”

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