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A good teacher can ignite the imagination, inspire hope, and install a love for learning within the students they teach. They devotedly spend day after day with your children teaching them everything they need to know to path their way to the next level of education. Before this school year comes to an end, be sure to show your child’s teacher just how much you and your little scholar appreciate everything they do.

If you are unsure about what small gesture will be enough for your childs teacher, here are 5 gift ideas they are sure to put a smile on their face and make your child a student they won’t forget! 

Personalized Coffee Mug 

Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone in the morning, especially for teachers who have long days of teaching the world’s youth! Make your child’s teacher’s morning every morning with a personalized mug that is made specially for them from your child! 

Fresh Fruit Basket

With warm summer days approaching, a basket with a fresh assortment of fruit inside will make your child the apple of their teacher’s eye! 


West Michigan spring is in full bloom! With all those April showers we got, those May flowers are her and as beautiful as ever. Help brighten up the teacher in your child’s life classroom or home with a bouquet or vase of colorful flowers. This is the perfect way to bring spring indoors! 

Classroom Supplies 

A teacher can never have too many teaching tools in their classroom. From crayons and coloring pencils to hand sanitizer and tissues, they will all be used to their full potential to help students reach theirs! What seems like such small, meaningless objects, are very important in the eyes of a teacher. 


Contrary to popular belief, teachers do not actually live in the classrooms they teach in. They live everyday lives like the rest of us. This means they also enjoy things such as going out to dinner and little retail therapy. Treat your child’s teacher a dinner at their favorite restaurant or to a new outfit from their go to store. 

Your child may forget things their teacher said throughout the year but they will never forget the teacher and how they made them feel.  No matter what the gift you choose, showing that you appreciate everything they have done will make this whole school year worth it. 

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