10 brown bag ideas for kids cold lunch


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- We’re back to school and back to packing lunches for many families. This school year is definitely presenting a number of new challenges but who thought lunch would be one of them? Many schools are now streamlining lunch to make things safer but parents are left with fewer options for a “hot lunch”. If you’re child is anything like mine, a cold sandwich or cold salad from the lunch menu isn’t really hitting the spot.

2020 is a year for creativity and rethinking many things! Here’s some new ideas for your kid’s cold lunch.

10 brown bag ideas for kids

1. Thermos with kid favorites
The best way to keep kids enjoying a hot lunch from home is to pack favorites like chicken nuggets, corn dog nuggets or pizza rolls in a thermos! My son has also loved taking leftover fried rice or scrambled eggs as a unique option.

2. Sandwich sushi
This is a kid friendly take on sushi! To make, roll tuna, carrots, and cucumber into pieces of bread and cut them up to resemble sushi! Pair fruits like apples or berries to add a little bit of sweetness to this lunch.

3. Soup
One of the fastest meals to pack is soup! Open a can of Cambell’s, warm it up and fill your thermos. Send with goldfish crackers and don’t forget the spoon!

4. Ham & cheese bagel
We like to do a hot ham and cheese bagel and wrap it in tinfoil to keep it warm and gooey for lunch.

5. Quesadillas
A kids favorite! Even though many of us prefer them hot, quesadillas are just as yummy cold! Make you child’s friends jealous by packing a yummy cheese quesadilla. Add chicken and veggies to up the flavor of this delicious lunch. Pack cups of sour cream and salsa as well!

6. Bagel Pizzas
If your child has access to a microwave during their lunch period, this idea is perfect! Send your child with a lunch box filled with their favorite pizza toppings, a bagel, and some pizza sauce. This gives them a chance to make their own pizza creation right there in the lunch room!

7. Lunch box kabobs
Convert your child’s boring old sandwich to a sandwich on a stick. Use their favorite ingredients like ham and cheddar or turkey and provolone. You can also add veggies like lettuce or tomatoes and a cup of their desired dressings on the side!

8. Humus and veggies
Humus and veggies is the perfect way to incorporate a healthy meal into your child’s lunch menu for the week. Be sure to pair with pita bread, pretzels or anything else they like to dip in humus!

9. DIY lunchable
Why buy those boxed lunchables when you can customize one to exactly what your picky eater likes! Throw in their favorite deli meet and cheeses with some crackers and whala you got a DIY lunchable! Pair with fruits and veggies to make the meal even more filling.

10. Club wrap
Turn the everyday club sandwich with turkey, bacon and cheese into a fun and yummy wrap! You can turn any of your child’s favorite sandwiches into a healthier version by replacing the slices of bread with a tortilla shell.

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