10 Easter basket fillers for babies and toddlers

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- One of the best part’s of being a mom is getting to create special holiday traditions for your family. At Easter time I walk a fine line between wanting to load their baskets with chocolate bunnies and gooey jelly beans and packing it full of new toothbrushes and floss.  It’s one of those parenting moments that you know you’re setting yourself up — loading your child with a ton of sugar but hey, moderation right?!

Things get even more tricky when you’re planning a basket for a baby or a toddler.  You really have to be cautious of choking hazards and possible allergens.  Here’s a list of some Easter basket fillers perfect for the tiniest baby bunnies.

Easter Ideas for Baby/Toddler

1.  Toothbrush and training toothpaste

2.  Baked goldfish or Puffs

3.  Stickers

4.  Hair accessories

5.  Festive Easter socks

6.  Stuffed animals

7.  Easter book

8.  Bubbles

9.  Bath toys/squirters

10.  Applesauce squeeze pouches

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