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When we see someone who is homeless, who do we see? A lazy bum, an addict, someone who chooses to be homeless? If we knew the full story of what got that person to such a lonely place, would we still judge? There’s so much more to someone’s story than what we see on the outside.  

At Mel Trotter Ministries, we don’t see people for their mistakes or their circumstances, we see people who are made in the image of God; people who have talents and gifts potential for a productive and happy future. We want you to see that too.

Hello.  My name is Meagan.  I would like to share part of my journey to Mel Trotter Ministries with you today, and how God has been working through the ministry to work in different areas of my life. 

I will start my story from the beginning.  I was born into a middle class Catholic family with two parents.  I went to Catholic school and experienced all of the comforts of a financially stable life.  We always prayed before meals and went to church, we said the rosary together, and I was very involved with my youth group (although that was the first place I got drunk.  We broke into the priest’s liquid cabinet during a youth group meeting).  My parents had a very strong, but quiet faith.  They never doubted God and He was central in our home, but we were not a charismatic, vocal family when it came to spiritual things. 

During my teens I started experiencing depression and anxiety.  In addition, when I was 15 I was starting to rebel and my grandparents that I was very close to tried to get me to go to church with them.  I was really snotty to my grandma when she asked me.  They went ahead without me, but on the way there they were killed in a car accident. There is more to my story.  I really struggled with guilt and anger over that for the next couple of years.  I sometimes blamed myself for not going, because it would have made things take longer and I thought that maybe they wouldn’t have been in the accident in the first place.  My dad started drinking more right after that which added to my anger over the situation. 

I just kind of wandered for the first couple years after high school, but then I got pregnant at 19 and married at 20.  My mom was concerned about me having a baby without being married and so the wedding was planned, but when I was scheduled for an emergency C-section three months early the wedding date quickly moved into an immediate reality.   My mom bought me a white nighty and slippers and the morning following my procedure I was married in the hospital.  As I stood there I thought, “What am I doing?”  I knew that I was making mistake, but I wanted to make my mom happy.  I was terrified.

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