How far is too far when pushing your kids in sports?

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Since sport is not a life or death matter, games are meant to be enjoyed. Parents who watch a game and appreciate the true miracle of their child’s skills – win or lose – can have a unique and satisfying experience. Without evaluating or judging, performances can be enjoyed because of the experience and learning that’s taking place within your child. Every competition is an opportunity to celebrate a victory or a lesson. Both are valuable, if you see it that way.The optimizing parent approach offers their child is all about:

  • Choices. For example, to extra practices
  • Challenges: Parent guided challenges to overcome, goals to reach. Causing skills to be stretched.
  • Collaboration: Parent child working together om decisions to be made
  • Support of child’s vision

The supportive parent:

  • Provide opportunities: transportation, equipment
  • Listens to triumphs and troubles
  • Encourage praise effort and progress
  • Enjoy your child’s performance

The pressuring parents:

  • Controlling
  • Nagging
  • Have conflict with their child
  • Condemn performance

Ultimately the sport experience belongs to your child!

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