What kind of remodeler are you?

Interior Remodeling

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – While my remodeling project lasted 18 months, we weren’t really in a hurry and wanted to sort of “pay as we went”. That meant that there were many stages to go through.


  • I was great at de-cluttering, properly packing things in see-thru storage boxes and getting each space ready for the remodel.
  • As rooms were completed, I was great a finding the right furniture and accessories because I had a very distinct look my husband and I wanted.


  • I was never a helper during the project. I was always the helper after the job was complete because someone had to clean it up! And no, I did NOT want to be involved in the dust and noise of the project.
  • This person is not quite as confident, but still wants to be involved.
  • Maybe they can handle a small demolition or even handing the contractor tools can make you feel helpful.


  • Really the only time I was a WATCHER was when my beautiful, sliding barns doors were being installed. They were the most expensive thing of my remodel and the thing that transformed my space the most so of course, I wanted to watch.
  • AND I knew my contractor really didn’t want me hanging around asking questions; I wanted him to get the job done!


  • Of course, being “in the trades” gave me an advantage.
  • I was fortunate to have the same contractor and electrician for the entire project.
  • Granted, for my sliding barn doors I had to schedule him almost 3 months ahead of time AND coordinate getting the doors completed in time by someone else so he could install them in time for a scheduled bridal shower one week later.

SO, even though I’m considered a professional, I got other professionals involved at the right time so my remodel was completed on time and on budget!

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