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When decorating our homes, we have endless color choices.  As you decide which color palette you are going to work with, here are some things to keep in mind.

Most designers will tell you that it’s best to stick to just a few colors and use them in different ways to create a flow and make your home feel more relaxing.  When you begin with the right color scheme, it’s like having a roadmap to follow as you choose your paint, flooring, furniture and accessories.

When it comes to choosing a color scheme, complimentary is the simplest.  On the color wheel, complimentary shades sit opposite each other and an easy way to use these colors is to make 1 your dominant color and use the other as an accent.  The accent color will provide a lot of contrast, so use it to highlight or add pop to something you want to draw attention to.  Just make sure to use lots of neutrals with this color scheme so that the contrast is not too overwhelming to the eye.

Another great way to develop your color scheme is to use a palette with 3 colors.  Choose 1 as the dominant shade, another to compliment it, and a 3rd as an accent color.  Use them in a ratio of 60, 30 and 10%

If you are more of a neutral lover, create interest by using a variety of shades of your base neutral as well as plenty of textures.  Pay close attention to the undertones in your neutrals, as they can be sneaky and not become apparent until the color on a wall or in a piece of furniture in your room.

At UBU Furniture, we encourage you to bring in samples of the colors that you have in your space (paint, flooring, countertop or other furniture) so that you can see how our fabrics and finishes will work with them.  And since fabrics can take on different hues depending on lighting sources, we also suggest that you take fabric samples home to see how they look in the lighting in your home.

Color trends come and go, so don’t feel like you need to use exactly what you see on your favorite home decorating TV show.  It’s more important to pay attention to how different colors make you feel.  Not only does color affect our emotions, but too much of it or strange combinations be make your space feel chaotic and small.

Taking the time to start with a defined color scheme actually frees you up to be more creative and allows you to get the colors right. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Our designers at UBU Furniture would love to help you to Make Your Home YOUR Happy Place!!

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