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Furniture you can utilize all year long

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) - Many of us want great deck or patio furniture over the summer, but why not choose items that works great both indoors and outdoors?

That way you can use it all year long.

Great design has finally reached into the outdoor furniture world, and that means you can take that cute outdoor ottoman and bring it into your living room or child’s bedroom over the winter.

Or bring that teak outdoor dining set into the basement bar area for the winter.

The design and make of outdoor furniture is lightweight, durable and super easy to clean. There are plenty of options in either a neutral color palette or in bright & exciting fabrics. And don’t forget about the outdoor safe lamps, candles, vases, artwork and planters.


  • Bring personality into your outdoor space by using a variety of seating options. Dining chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans, and even hammock chairs.
  • Who doesn’t love a hammock chair? They can be hung from a tree or a hammock stand, and are bound to be everyone’s first choice. Add a coordinating planter for a fun look.
  • Look for teak or aluminum frames, removable seat cushions, and fabrics that are liquid & fade resistant.

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