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Furniture that fits – because not every space is created equal

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – When the room that you are decorating is unique – either a small living room, an open floor plan, a room with an entire wall of windows or some other unique space, finding furniture that FITS can be a challenge.

Small Spaces

Small spaces tend to feel cramped or get cluttered quickly, so stay on top of piles.  And don’t be tempted to decorate with a bunch of small pieces of furniture or artwork.

Make a statement with 1 prominent piece – this will feel better than the chaos of a bunch of small ones.

Look for furniture with tall legs.  This will make your entire room look more spacious.

And consider the colors you use.  Light fabric will brighten the room and make it appear larger.  At UBU Furniture, we have a large offering of performance fabrics.  Even the lightest of these fabrics wear well and clean up great. 

This goes for paint colors also – keep the walls neutral to create a space that feels clean and airy.

Add a mirror.  Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier.  And the reflection tricks our eye into seeing  the space as larger.

Hang your curtain panels just below the ceiling, it will make make the ceiling seem higher.  (This will probably require using 96” panels instead of 84” ones). Look for multi-functional furniture. Storage ottomans, sofa tables that double as desks, or beds with storage underneath.

Open Floor Plans

With most urban lofts and many new homes showcasing open floor plans, it is important to arrange furnishings in ways that define and separate living areas and make the most of the space.

A great way to define areas and create cozy spaces is with area rugs, or with an L-shaped sofa or sectional.  And don’t forget to look up.  Using pendants or other lighting that hangs down from the ceiling can also help define specific living areas.

Use room dividers to add intimacy or privacy to a bedroom or office area.

Arrange furnishings with ‘Flow’ in mind.  Think about how people will move through the various areas.  Pulling furniture away from the walls  creates easy movement along the sides of the room, but you may want to add interest by directing the pathway in more of an ‘S’ shape as you move into a new living area.

Entire wall of windows

If you are blessed with a room with a wall full of windows, you’ll want to make the most of the scenery, so it’s especially important to arrange furnishings intentionally.

If possible, try to keep large furniture a few feet away from those windows. But if placing seating right up against the windows in necessary, make sure to choose pieces that have a low back, so that it doesn’t obstruct the view.

Swivel chairs are a great idea.  And if you are looking for a swivel recliner, make sure to choose a power pack, so that it can float anywhere in your room with worrying about tripping over cords.

With all of the natural light you will have in your room, You have lots of options for wall color.  Feel free to use darker colors to create a contrast to your natural light or to use neutrals to create an even brighter and more airy space.

No matter what type of space you are working with, have fun with textures, and always make sure to lay everything out on a floor plan before purchasing.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Our designers at UBU Furniture would love to help you to Make Your Home YOUR Happy Place!!

Visit our website, shoot us an email or give us a call at 616-532-0175.

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