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Consider home decor as accessories

Home Decor

Have you ever purchased a new sofa or dining set but been disappointed that it doesn’t give the look you wanted?

Consider the other pieces that you have in the room.

It’s the finishing touches that really give your space the mood or ambiance that you are looking for.

That last layer of accessories will make your space urban, playful, glam, farmhouse… whatever YOUR style is.

This is your chance to Shine.  Make a Statement!

Use accessories to add interest to your room, and to express YOUR personality.

Use what you Love!

Think about using a variety of textures, heights and materials.

One great way to go about this is to clear an area of all accessories and then start fresh.  Add some pieces, then stand back and look at it.  You might even want to walk away then come back later or even the following day. 

You’ll know you have it right when you smile each time you walk past.

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