Schedule a hearing test today if you have these symptoms of hearing loss


If you are experiencing any warning signs of hearing loss, you shouldn’t wait for your yearly appointment to get a checkup. Early detection is the key to avoiding permanent hearing loss, so you should schedule a hearing test immediately if you do any of the following every day:

  • Ask people to repeat themselves. Leaning toward people when they speak or saying “what?” multiple times in a conversation is often the first sign of a hearing condition.
  • Avoid using the telephone. Patients may find themselves reluctant to talk on the phone because they increasingly rely on facial cues and reactions to follow a conversation. As a result, they may not be able to hear or understand words spoken over the phone.
  • Fail to hear high-pitched noises. Hearing loss often begins at the upper ranges, so patients may fail to hear birds, instrumental music, and the voices of women and children.
  • Work in a noisy environment. People who live or work in areas where noise levels are consistently high are at significant risk of early and permanent hearing loss. We can create custom ear protection for all situations, allowing you to keep working without damaging your ears.
  • Have a ringing in your ears. If you are always aware of a buzzing, whooshing, or ringing sound in your ears, you are likely suffering from tinnitus. A hearing specialist can determine the cause of your condition and find the right treatment to restore the silence.

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