How to protect your hearing from summer noise threats


Outdoor activities can pose a threat to hearing health. More than 40 Million Americans have some type of hearing loss and approximately 10 million of those where cause by exposure to loud noise. Make sure you use hearing protection when in the presence of loud sounds like power tools, lawn mowers, fireworks, gunfire, and large athletic events.


  • There are non-custom hearing protection options at most stores.  They are foam material and come in a few sizes.  The only issue with these it is important to insert them correctly or they are not affective.
  • Another non custom option that is more effective is ear muffs. These take away the operator error. 
  • There is also the option of customized hearing protection.  This is where a custom impression is taken of your ear to fit you exactly.  These can have options such as noise filtering for music and electronic for gun fire.

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