Healthy hearing means healthy aging


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Staying happy and healthy as we age is important! We all know that exercising and eating the right foods are great ways to improve our health, but hearing our best has a big impact on our overall well-being as well! When we hear our best, we feel our best! Here’s why:

Hearing your best keeps us social

Think about it. When we’re out and about with our family, friends and loved ones, it’s natural to engage in conversation. Hearing helps us to stay engaged, informed and connected to those conversing around us.

Hearing our best keeps us alert and in control

Did you know that individuals with great hearing are 2x less likely to experience accidental injuries and falling? It’s true! Studies find that when we hear clearly, we’re able to react to clues that warn us of potential danger in our surroundings.

Hearing our best keeps us mentally sharp

Research has found that leaving hearing issues untreated can cause dementia. Those who are unable to hear clearly are more inclined to socially isolate themselves which leads to brain diminution.

Hearing our best can bring us joy

When we’re able to listen to the world around us, we’re able to feel more connected!

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