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Scrunchies are back! How to make your own for summer

Fashion Finds

Scrunchies are back and a great DIY project for summer! Start by choosing a fabric that you love at Goodwill. A cute dress or top would work perfectly!

What you’ll need: Fabric, Hot Glue Gun, Elastic Band, Scissors

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Place the desired fabric outside of your scrunchie facedown.  Cut your fabric into a large square. (Recommended length: 20” by 5” for a thicker scrunchie)

Step 3: Pull the top left corner of the fabric through the elastic band

Step 4: Glue the top left corner that has been pulled through the elastic band, to the bottom left corner.

Step 5: Continue to pull the fabric through the elastic band, gluing the two ends of fabric together as you go. You will see bunching, don’t be alarmed

Step 6: After all pieces of fabric are glue together, you will have your scrunchie!

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