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Get on trend! Step by step 90’s throwback flannel

Fashion Finds

Guys can up-cycle too! Grab a flannel of your choice from Goodwill and a tee, with a throwback or band logo. Scissors and fabric glue are all you need for this easy DIY. There have several options when it comes to this project.

You can cut out the logo and follow its shape or you can make a small or big square or even a circle. It’s all up to you. For this project, I did a little of both. I followed the contour of the logo as I cut the fabric, but I wanted it to cover the entire back of the shirt, seam to seam. Once you have the logo cut out throw it in the wash to give it a frayed look. Place the t-shirt fabric on the flannel and use the fabric glue on the edges.

You have an awesome look with not a lot of effort!

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