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Spring Clean with Mel Trotter Ministries

Community Outreach

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – We may often think of spring cleaning as a time when we refresh and revive our homes, but neighborhoods and organizations also enjoy spring cleaning. Most neighborhoods have seasonal cleanup days to pick up trash that was once hidden by piles of snow. Organizations like Mel Trotter Ministries does some deep cleaning after the busy winter months.

Here are some ways you can expand spring cleaning beyond your dusty windows:

Get a group together to volunteer

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Agencies serving people experiencing homelessness like Mel Trotter serve many more people from October to March because it’s too cold to sleep outside. The increase in foot traffic takes a toll on the facilities and requires a deep cleaning once the weather starts warming up. Consider getting a group of friends together to serve and revive the spaces at Mel Trotter.

The streets in your neighborhood may also be ready for a good cleaning after the piles of snow melt. Your family and neighbors can get together to pick up trash and debris as you get more eager to stay outside.

Start a drive for new linens and pillows

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Over the winter, the linens and pillows get worn quickly in the emergency shelters at Mel Trotter. Consider getting a group of friends or coworkers together to host a drive for new linens and pillows so the guests can have fresh and new bedding this spring.

Donate like-new items to a thrift store

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While you’re decluttering and reorganizing your home, make a “donate” pile of items that are in good condition but you can pass on. Drop those items off at your local thrift store, like one of Mel Trotter Ministries’ Thrift Stores, and the proceeds will help people overcome homelessness.

Consider volunteering to clean

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For more information on how offer service to the community, visit

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