Re-hydrate your skin: learn the benefits of a good body lotion


Hey Lady! It’s that time of the year again where weather conditions are harsh on the skin. Given the cold, wintery months, it’s important to replenish and rehydrate extra dry or rough spots on the skin. For the next couples of months, it’s a good idea to use body lotion daily. And getting into this practice is great because it helps balance the skin which reduces the likelihood that your skin will become either excessively dry or oily. Both of these conditions are harmful for skin and can cause acne.

Another beauty benefit of body lotion is that regular application can also aide in the prevention of rough elbows or dry, cracked heels. Dry, scaly skin looks unattractive and can become itchy and irritated if you don’t regularly use a product seal in the moisture.

Similarly, if you are a boss babe who hustles in heels all day, body lotion can help smooth callouses. A moist body lotion can make these areas supple and soft over time will help eliminate these painful and unsightly areas on your feet.

A good body lotion is great, because you can soothe the roughest parts of your body while helping yourself relax. Body lotion helps us look good and feel great. I am a big fan of Dove Intensive Cream, Jergens and Suave Advance Therapy with Rich Hydrators just to name a few. My all-time favorite after a long hot shower is Au Lait Body Milk by Scottish Fine Soaps. The fine fragrance of almond oil, organic milk and cocoa butter is dreamy and is just what I need after a long day. Beauty Insider Tip: You can purchase Au Lait Body Milk and other products from this line at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. 

Every BODY needs a good lotion, especially women. As we age, our skin gets drier, so you can maintain healthy, attractive skin just by using lotion regularly. So whether you’re treating a skin condition or just getting your glow on, be sure to stop by your local grocery or department store and invest in a soothing salve today. You won’t regret it!

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