Beauty review: The Grand Pearl Spa in all its glory

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Can you say SPA-AHHHHH! Recently I had the opportunity to visit The Grand Pearl Spa in downtown Grand Rapids which is nestled beautifully inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. It is best described as, “a skin specific rejuvenation center exclusively separate from its cosmetic surgery center”. And let’s just say I was very impressed with this place!.

First, when you get off the elevator and the doors open wide, you feel like you’re walking into an ultra-swanky spa in a big city like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. The design and décor is literally to die for! You know I am a sucker for atmosphere, beautiful décor and purposeful but creative details and this place doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re interested in leisurely flipping through Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford coffee table books while you wait or sipping a warm beverage from an adorable Grand Pearl tea cup, this place is a party for your five senses!

My purpose in visiting this spa was to experience their most popular skin care treatment, the coveted HydraFacial MD and to try an injectable for the first time ever… Botox! I was ecstatic and received a warm welcome from the staff. The customer service they provided the whole way through was top notch.

So back to this FACE of mine…lol! The HydraFacial is listed as, “the ultimate skincare cocktail, like microdermabrasion and a micro peel rolled into one luxurious treatment” and I couldn’t agree more. It was so cool and seriously able to physically and chemically exfoliate my skin while moisturizing at the very same time.

“I absolutely loved the process and loved the “renewed glow” I could see as soon as I looked in the mirror.”

This type of resurfacing provides practically immediate results that you can see and feel. This facial is awesome for all skin types and “can help improve everything from sun damage and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and oily skin”. I absolutely loved the process and loved the “renewed glow” I saw when I looked in the mirror. This treatment does not involve painful extractions or post-treatment downtime which is always a win-win in my book.

It’s also helped a great deal that an outstanding technician and aesthetician, Melissa Hoogland performed my HydraFacial service. I am pretty confident that the entire staff is worth raving about but Melissa was extraordinary in my opinion.

“Step by step, particle by particle, she helped me understand exactly what I need to do to keep my skin looking radiant moving forward.”

When you’re going in to try a new beauty treatment for the very first time, it helps to have a knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth specialist who walks you through what’s happening. Step by step, particle by particle, she helped me understand exactly what I need to do to keep my skin looking radiant moving forward.

She also performed a hot paraffin wax and hand massage that comes with the HydraFacial as an added bonus to enhance the client experience. Total score! When you go and see Melissa this spring and summer, please tell her that she comes highly recommended.

As a side note, you ladies should also know that once you’ve finished your skincare service, if you’re in need of a fabulous make-up line that will compliment your skin beautifully, they have one. I encourage you to “explore the Jane Irendale line of natural, long wearing make-up”. They have everything from eye shadow to mineral foundation and these products keep your skin looking and feeling great. My favorite product was a Jane Irendale Misting spray that awakens the skin and smells divine. You gotta try it!

Finally, I took a walk on the wild side and gave the Botox treatment a whirl. This procedure took me off into another amazing little room that was super cool. I was nervous and I had a ton of questions because I always assumed that, “black don’t crack”. But I couldn’t have been more wrong and it took a phenomenal injection and laser specialist like Pamela Jendritz, RN, BS to usher me through the process flawlessly. What a beautiful soul… and she was going to help me prevent the signs of aging while enhancing my natural appearance. We became fast friends.

“My experience at the Grand Pearl Spa gave a whole new meaning to the catch phrase “easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl”!”

Botox is an effective but temporary treatment for removing wrinkles from specified areas. When asked, I chose the forehead to eliminate my frown lines and the chin to reduce the appearance of cellulite in that area. My specialist creatively referred to that area as how the peel of an orange looks and I agreed, so I was very happy to be able to tighten up my chin. Insert thin needle here! (See hands raised in praise emoji)  The procedure was done by a steady hand and given her expertise and precise care, the process took all of 15 minutes. I was amazed.

My experience at the Grand Pearl Spa gave a whole new meaning to the catch phrase, “easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl”! I was on top of the world already when the spa coordinator, Jesten Myers, thanked me for my time and provided me a small goodie bag of samples to ensure my skin would be receiving proper vitamin C for the next few weeks. My skin looked and felt great and I was treated like a queen for the day. If you want a quality spa experience that’s second to none in Grand Rapids then the Grand Pearl Spa should be your top of mind destination!

Ciao Bellas!

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