The benefits of play


Here are a few great reasons to join your child in the fun.

Play is brings joy!  It’s Fun!!

The belly laugh, the uninhibited squeal….the sounds of joy and fun!  Follow your child’s lead. Let your child decide what’s fun (within safe limits) and join in. Every child is different, and yours will have his own preferences. His play doesn’t always have to be full of action. He might prefer quieter activities. Perhaps he likes to look at books, build with blocks, or listen to music. It’s important to offer a variety of types of play. This approach gives your child the chance to learn what they like and building skills like jumping, climbing and pretending.

Offers an outlet for expressing themselves and they have your full Attention.

Your toddler’s play helps him learn new concepts. He will discover up and down, full and empty, in and out. He is also using imitation to begin learning about the world of pretend. He will pretend to talk on the phone or copy how you use a spoon to stir a pot. Your toddler is developing new language skills. These skills help him understand and communicate more than ever before. These new skills boost his self-confidence, which means he will want to do more “all by myself.”

When you play with your child you give them a big dose of love and learning!

Your toddler still loves to play with you. As you play, help her expand and build on her ideas. Ask how the stuffed dog feels or wonder together why the block tower fell down. Model new vocabulary. (“These blocks are equal—they are both same length.”) Offer new challenges to explore. Create an obstacle course, build a blanket tent, or try a new puzzle together. Try musical games like “Freeze” and “Hokey-Pokey.” These games offer opportunities to listen, follow directions, and practice self-control. They also allow children to move their bodies.  Followed by a big hug to complete the day!

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