GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Calling all girl bosses! Go from early bird to night owl in a flash with a 60 seconds or less Smokey eye. It’s as easy as 1…2…3… and you’re done! Listen up:

  • Quickly sweep your favorite eyeliner along your top and bottom lashes. Do not place eyeliner on the water lines.
  • Don’t worry about being precise, the messier you are, the better!
  • Use your ring finger to smudge the liner up and out along your lid and lower lash line.  
  • Follow with two thick coats of your favorite mascara. One should be applied with the wand held horizontally, as you usually would and another with the wand held vertically for extra drama.

Yup… it’s just that simple. You can create an edgy, sultry eye for an evening out on the town with your fingers and just two products! Get other beauty tips from the expert online at WOTV4 Women!