“Remarkable Women” finalist, Gabriella De La Vega has a full circle moment while serving others!

Remarkable Women

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Imagine venturing off to a new country with three young kids, a diaper bag, and zero indication of what the future will hold.

Now, imagine the amount of resilience, faith, and determination that it will take to start a completely different life. Many people wouldn’t have the courage to embark on a new journey abroad, but Gabriella De La Vega did!

She’s our remarkable woman of the week and she’s the epitome of bravery and hard work!

Gabriella’s journey

In 1996, Gabriella moved to Grand Rapids with her family. She hardly spoke English and had to navigate the challenges of adapting to a new life, but luckily, she wasn’t alone.

I had a lot of support from the community. Different organizations came to our aid to support

Gabriella De La Vega

Despite having to adjust to drastic changes, she remained fearless and optimistic!

Gabriella’s full-circle moment of giving back!

The overwhelming support that Gabriella received inspired her to give back to the community that has given so much to her! And as a native of Mexico City, Gabriella wanted to use her heritage to help the Hispanic community.

I decided one day in the future I will definitely give back to my community

Gabriella De La Vega

Years ago, Gabriella started volunteering for the American Heart Association (AHA) to discuss hypertension in the Hispanic population.

She also works with the organization to conduct media interviews in Spanish to spread awareness of healthy initiatives. And being that February is heart month, Gabriella has created a poster series to support Go Red for Women, has volunteered to emcee the Heart Walk, and has facilitated the logistics at many AHA events.

When she isn’t volunteering with the AHA, Gabriella serves as an interpreter for the Hispanic Center and helps many area medical patients. She is also a radio show personality and hosts a weekend show on WYCE radio that she conducts in Spanish.

When she isn’t connecting with viewers on-air, Gabriella spends time working with the city of Grand Rapids to emcee various events downtown, including the Hispanic Festival.

She is tireless.

Cindy Bouma of the American Heart Association

And Gabriella’s passion to serve others doesn’t end there…

She has also dedicated time to working with the leadership program from the Grand Rapids Chamber, and is on committees for the Red Cross. Currently, Gabriella is leading an outreach education program for the Hispanic Center of West Michigan and has worked with UCOM and the Unidos USA!

Besides extending a helping hand to various organizations and members of society, Gabriella allocates her time to surrounding herself with the people that she loves the most-her family!

In her personal life, Gabriella has raised three children of her own and has recently married the man of her dreams who is also raising children. She absolutely adores her new blended family!

And speaking of family, Gabriella is extremely close to her mother. In spare time, she often helps out at Connie’s Bridal shop.

Gabriella is a non-stop community enthusiast. What I mean by that is that she is always looking for ways to help, to reach out to community members and to make West Michigan a better place for others.

Cindy Bouma of the American Heart Association

Gabriella’s journey shows us that anyone can rise above challenges and still make a difference in their community!

To hear more of Gabriella’s story, watch her interview above!

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