GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Here in West Michigan, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many incredible leaders and community-minded people! Throughout March, our team has showcased women in our community who are making a big difference. As part of our 2021 Remarkable Women of West Michigan initiative, we are honored to introduce our fourth and final nominee, Cheryl Schuch!

Who is Cheryl Schuch?

Cheryl is the CEO of Family Promise of Grand Rapids! Family Promise is a local organization that partners with corporations, families, congregations, and foundations to supply resources, emergency shelters, and aftercare services to families experiencing homelessness and housing crisis in our community.

“No other person advocates as tirelessly as she does and her extraordinary ability to “move the needle” to help families in homelessness is unprecedented.” 

Ellen Carpenter

As CEO, Cheryl leads a team of 150 volunteers and staff in ending homelessness by supplying families and children with the tools needed to create a better future for themselves. Within ten years, she’s grown Family Promise of GR from a $1 million to $5 million organization. 

“That’s my anchor here at Family Promise. That’s why we do what we do. It’s about the opportunity and the future for those kids and giving them the best one we can.”

Cheryl Schuch

Making a difference in thousands of lives 

Homelessness and food insecurity are some of the most prominent issues affecting families and children in West Michigan. Every day, Cheryl and Family Promise of GR work diligently to combat each epidemic.

In 2018, Cheryl was at the helm of finding additional rooms for homeless families. She launched a partnership will Mel Trotter Ministries to acquire shelter for families in need and to keep them safely together. This act of compassion is just one of many instances in which Cheryl and Family Promise have stepped in to help many vulnerable members of our community. 

“She has truly changed the lives of thousands of children in Kent County.”

Ellen Carpenter

Pivoting during the pandemic 

2020 was a tough year for many families and organizations, and the ongoing pandemic is still creating new challenges. Despite facing some adversity, Family Promise of Grand Rapids secured emergency shelter for families and single mothers coping with a housing crisis through local sponsors and federal aid. 

“Cheryl is one of the smartest, strategic, funny, supportive and empathetic people on this earth. She is a systems thinker and problem solver, which is why her focus on families experiencing homelessness is such a blessing to this community.”

Ellen Carpenter

Learn more about Cheryl’s inspiring story by watching her interview in the video player above and stay tuned for the reveal of our 2021 Remarkable Women of West Michigan winner coming soon!