GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- A true leader is someone who demonstrates selflessness, empathy and goodness in times of trial and triumph. It’s no doubt that this past year has changed many of our lives drastically but, thanks to remarkable women like Annie Kaiser, many people in our community have been able to navigate challenging times with flying colors! 

Who is Annie Kaiser?

Annie Kaiser is a Holland native who currently serves as an Executive Director at the Sheldon Meadows Assisted Living Center in Hudsonville. Before moving back to Michigan, Annie and her husband lived in Utah, where her affinity for caring for seniors and individuals living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s grew. 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, Annie radiated zeal and kindness to staff and residents in the Sheldon Meadows community by going the extra mile to maintain a positive work and living environment. 

“It’s important to not just sit behind a desk and do the paperwork. That’s the worst part of the job. Being out with the residents and those you work with is the most important part.” 

Alyssa Spoelhof

To bring extra happiness into her community, Annie established a calendar of events that featured fun activities for staff and residents to enjoy! The special days consist of wearing quirky outfits, spinning a prize wheel, and celebrating national food days and holidays. 

Pivoting during the pandemic 

Even though the ongoing pandemic continues to impact Assisted Living communities, Annie continues to work tirelessly to ensure that her residents and staff remain as happy and healthy as they can be! 

When the pandemic first began, she immediately jumped into action and created a strategic game plan to control the spread of the virus. 

“This woman did not sleep nor leave for almost three days when we had our first positive test. Developing strategies and building changes to contain the spread of COVID. All she has done continues to keep COVID at bay, including her moving in. Throughout our isolation, she proceeds to have joy. Evolving the ways our residents interact with each other while abiding by safety guidelines. We now have bingo in the halls, with a microphone, instead of in the life enrichment room. The community outreach also follows all government mandates. She has local artists make masks for staff to wear each day. As regulations change, she handles it with grace.”

Alyssa Spoelhof

Annie’s commitment to caring for her staff and residents is a true testament to her exceptional leadership, positive influence and compassionate character. She’s truly a remarkable woman who continues to impact lives tremendously.

“It fills my bucket to be helpful to people more than anything else.” 

Annie Kaiser

Learn more about Annie’s story by watching her segment on eightWest in the video player above and stay tuned for the reveal of our final Remarkable Women of West Michigan finalist on Tuesday, March 30!