GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- It’s no secret the global pandemic has and continues to fuel entrepreneurship across the country! Ideas once set aside, business plans left unfinished, have been brought back to life. Shannon Cohen, MBA, Owner/Founder of Shannon Cohen Inc., Grand Rapids, knows what it’s like to take a leap of faith to build a business. Although her journey precedes the pandemic, Shannon can attest to facing obstacles while establishing her brand, developing the confidence to believe in her dreams and having the courage to share her talents with the world.

During Tuesday’s episode of AARP Real Possibilities on WOTV 4, Shannon joins Paula D. Cunningham for a virtual chat on the possibilities of entrepreneurship. Shannon details her specific journey, tips for staying motivated during tough times and shares words of encouragement with viewers.

“You are the first angel investor your dream will ever see.”

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