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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Looking for a great classroom or party treat for Valentine’s Day? These ice-cream cupcake canes are festive, delicious and easy to eat.  We found the inspiration on Pinterest and had to try it for ourselves. We turned to our Modern Day Mom, Carly Munoz to put it to the test.

Pinterest Ice cream cupcake cones

Carly’s Pinterest Test

This project was perfect for me!  I’m a busy mom but still believe in homemade when it comes to party treats.  My husband is a second grade teacher and needed something for the class party so the ice cream cupcake cones seemed like a great fit.  I made a few minor tweaks!  I chose Hershey Kisses instead of M&M’s to keep these treats safe for the peanut-free students. I also did some sparkle sugar on the top and added an additional kiss for good measure!

I started mixing my cupcake batter at 6pm and finished decorating around 9pm.  During that time I also did the dishes, made dinner, cleaned up and stopped to look for a mini Ninja Turtle pen that my 4-year-old is frantic to find. So if my night sounds like yours is, no fear!  By doing a little multitasking I squeezed in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy while I decorated the cupcakes. #winning

Here’s my step-by-step guide

Fill a cupcake tray with ice cream cake cones

Mix cake batter and fill each cone with a heaping tablespoon of batter

Line trays up in the oven being careful not to tip cones. Bake.

After cooled, place cones in individual cups and fill the bottom with candy.

Using a piping bag and large tip swirl frosting and add sprinkles.

Add a Hershey Kiss to top off each sweet treat.

Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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